Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Alice in Wonderland VS Captain Ahab! in The Brighton Book Festival

Story Scavenger and the Brighton Book Festival - what a great combination! 

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In case you didn't know Bookstock - June 9th-12th - is a community based book festival, which celebrates the written word, readers and the books they love. Combine the diversity of Brighton with the 60′s Woodstock vibe, and what we're going to get is a festival that encourages book lovers to come together to share their passion for books. And that's what Story Scavenger's Bookstock event will be all about too. So come and join me for a creative writing workshop like you've never been to before. Bring on the battle of Alice in Wonderland VS Captain Ahab...

Alice in Wonderland VS Captain Ahab
A Creative Writing Workshop
Friday 10th June 7-9pm
What’s your favourite literary character? Bring along your favourite book to this fun creative writing workshop. We’ll be taking inspiration from characters you love to flex our writing muscles. Practice dialogues – for example just what would Elizabeth Bennett have said if she’d AGREED to marry Mr Collins? And develop your dramatic writing – what if Big Brother hadn’t broken Winston Smith? We'll end the night with a story duel – where we give our characters miraculous abilities and super powers, and pit them against one another to see which one wins!

Whether you’re an experienced writer – or you’ve never written a thing, you're guaranteed an evening of letting your imagination run riot and writing like you've never written before.

Tickets for this event are £6, and it’s running as part of my Creative Writing Summer School, a series of innovative creative writing workshops taking place in Brighton in June. 

If you’re booked on the Summer School then you can attend Alice in Wonderland VS Captain Ahab for the special concessionary price of just £1. Please bring your Summer School ticket along with you on the night.

To book for Alice in Wonderland VS Captain Ahab! visit the Bookstock website.

To book for the Creative Writing Summer School click here.

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