Scavenger Hunts

Want to go on a Story Scavenger Hunt?

What will you find?
You might find a poem or a little screen play too. Who knows what’s out there on the streets. From your base you’ll be sent out to locations around the city, with your mission (Creative Writing Exercise) in a sealed envelope. Once there, break the seal and follow the instructions. Eavesdrop on people’s conversations, explore hidden spaces or find a trail of strange objects that tell their own stories. Then return to base with your notes and scribblings and turn what you found into narrative or lyrical treasure.

Story Scavenger Hunts are fun and completely unique creative writing events, that inspire writers to transform the people, overheard conversations, amazing places and curious things they encounter – into stories, poems or anything else they might want to try and write.

In 2011, the National Association for Literature Development and 'The Found Materials Network' identified Story Scavenger Hunts as "a unique and creative literature project".

So - what’s a Story Scavenger Hunt?   

Story Extract from school Scavenger Hunt
Story Scavenger Hunts use everyday spaces, streets, shops, railway stations - or art galleries, museums, libraries - and the people and objects that inhabit them, as the source of inspiration for creative writing. A Story Scavenger Hunt is played like a game, with writing exercises posed as fact finding missions - or as a series of clues to follow - questions to answer. Sometimes they'll involve finding objects or taking photographs. After a period of 'scavenging' participants return to their base - and with help, turn what they've found into a story, poem, play or piece of free writing. Scavenger Hunts can be run for literature festivals, writers hubs, writing squads, schools, colleges or writing groups.

“Thanks for a great day. I haven’t felt that inspired for a long time! And it was such fun. The photo exercise was definitely my favourite – absolutely loved it.” ~ Helen ~

Who can be a Story Scavenger?

Story Scavengers can be young or old, experienced writers or absolute beginners. They encourage spontaneous, imaginative writing - that's about just doing it - enabling writers to escape their inner-critic and experiment with something new.
"It gave my creativity a much needed shake-up and all of a sudden I seem to be full of stories to write again." ~ Roberta ~
Of Story Scavenger Hunts, Wendy says:

“All writers are scavengers. We gather the scraps of our lives, and steal pieces of other people's too - and turn them into words. Story Scavengers are treasure hunters, adventurers, eavesdroppers, pirates, hijackers, poets, dreamers. Story Scavenging is about taking writing out of the classroom and away from the desk, it's about discovering and exploring and trying something new. Most of all it should be fun.”